Community News February Meeting Notes, CommunityUpdates and Changes!

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Jul 2, 2014
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Here is compiled list of all the changes made in February!

Staff changes:
- ComputerGuy has been promoted to Community Admin.

- Robo has resigned from Community Admin, and is now Rituals of Fire Admin.
- Refrigerated has been promoted to Rituals of Fire Admin.
- Swift has been promoted to Blocktopia Admin.
- Swift will also be assisting with general maintenance and advertising.
- Gonkus has been promoted to SMP Admin.
- Rune has been promoted to SMP Admin.

- Senior Moderator on SMP has been renamed to Controller. Meaning:
- Sessybessy is now SMP Controller.
- SamWinchester is now SMP Controller.

- Swift will be creating content that can be used for advertising.
- Digistra will be updating and maintaining social media and voting pages.

- Mijomo has passed her SMP trial.
- MinecraftNerd has passed his SMP and RoF trials.
- Lizthehedgehog is now SMP Mod.

- Staff who have been inactive, or who are not actively contributing to EscapeRestart will be demoted.

Monthly events calendar:
- Fridays and Saturdays will be for Among us or
- AoD will likely be hosted at random, or on a Wednesday. Make sure you have the @AoD LFG role.
- The FTB SkyBlock server is still up - but this will be replaced with a terraria event server, if there's enough people interested.

Rituals of Fire:
- The server is now updated to 1.16 and in a playable state.
- All new blocks are now configured to melt correctly.
- Refrigerated and Roboi are leading the direction of the server, based on #rof-reactions and the RoF meeting notes.
- New contributors, including:
- Velz
- Vito
- Wim
- Bram

Army of Darkenss:
- Events will be hosted weekly.
- The update to 1.16 is in progress.
- TNT and Mob are the only gamemodes that need to be updated.
- Comp is wanting to work on a complete rework of the server, after RoF is released.


((̲̅ ̲̅ ̲̅((>
OOPS! Looks like we're out of Crayola this month!

- The Blocktopia and 'SimCity' discord servers will be relocating to the main EscapeRestart discord.
- A Blocktopia category will be created, including a Discord Relay, general server chat, and an inspiration channel.

- Most plugins have been updated.
- Staff are considering removing wildstacker, as it is the lead cause of server instability, and refunding people spawn eggs in exchange. However, this is still being discussed.

-Discord is being reworked by Swift, so that it is more user friendly.

New Additions:
- Our server IP, Name and Port is now displayed as a category for new players - making it easier for new Bedrock and Java users to join our servers. These are not displayed to our regular members.
- New welcome screen when you join our discord.
- You must now accept the EscapeRestart rules before you can fully join the server.
- Staff channels have been relocated, so it's now easier for us to distinguish between invites, punishments and moderation logs.
- A ticket system has been created under "Community Support." This will be replacing the confusing community support channels that we currently have.
- Discord Mods, Gameserver Mods and Admins can access and respond to the tickets.
- You can now appeal infractions that you earn on EscapeRestart's discord. This includes those received by discord staff or our automated bot. -search @username, then -appeal #.
- A changelogs channel has been given to each of the Admins in our EscapeRestart Development and Advertising server. These changelogs can be published so they appear on our main EscapeRestart discord server, under "About our community." We're wondering if this should be a #changelogs-role specific channel, or just enabled by default.
- Added a Community-content channel, so any content made on, about or for EscapeRestart can be now put on display for the rest of the community. Please contact any Moderator, or above so they can post it here!
- Swift and the Blocktopia Staff team are discussing relocating the Blocktopia Discord server to the main EscapeRestart discord, so that more people can get involved and see what's being worked on. Likely, this will include a few channels such as Discord Relay, General Chat, Building Inspiration and more...

- We now have a TikTok account: @escaperestartservers

- We encourage the community to get involved with creating content for our social media accounts! This includes screenshots and videos, etc.
- Join the EscapeRestart Advertising and Development discord - - or just DM one of us.

- We're looking into a new community logo, which is better-suited for advertising and merch. The current logo isn't a perfect circle, so is hard to format.
- EscapeRestart merch is being looked at by Nillbugwtw.
- EscapeRestart donor rewards, such as stickers, is being looked at by Nillbugwtw.

- The current lobby has been repaired, so that players can connect to the servers by clicking NPCs.
- All NPCs have been returned to normal positions.

Construction of a new lobby, that is more user friendly: Suggestions welcome!
- Swift is working on a more user-friendly lobby, accessible to both Bedrock and Java users.
- New lobby design.
- Fixed the inability to click signs.
- Working GUIs.
- Proxy update to 1.16.5
- All plugins now updated to 1.16.5.
- Adding more mini-games within the lobby, including the ability to PVP.
- More competition, such as leaderboards.
- Statues of our current Patreon Minecraft skins will now be displayed monthly within the lobby.
- A podium displaying the top monthly voters has been added.

Server stability:
- This issue is being looked into.

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