Dmitri's Aristocrat Application


Jul 18, 2013
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Ingame Username: dmitris

Age: 13

Staff References(Op+): None

Time spent on the server: 1 day 44 min

How can you assure us that you understand the maturity of this player rank:
The rank 'Aristocrat' is the rank which most people are, with that rank you can do a lot of things like
making your own traders, etc, with the aristocrat rank i can help the community give suggestions making really good maps for AoD and RoF.

What notable feats on the server are you most proud of;

Well, i really like this server it has an nice lobby with portals, and many gametypes such as AoD JtE
RoF TNTWars, im playing on both of them and enjoying everytime i play with my friends. On JtE i have
the most friends and really enjoy playing on that server, i know that Blocktopia is the best server :)

Tell us about yourself in less than 200 words:
Im an very friendly person, im really active im playing around 6 hours everyday on that server, im helpfull im helping people if they need something, and im doing whatever the admins say, im not 100%
mature but i will try to be, Im playing minecraft for 3 years and i enjoy playing blocktopia especially JtE
Cause there i got best friends.
Regards Dmitris


Nov 1, 2011
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As of right now, I do not think you are ready. You have received the Settler rank about 1 hour ago. Also, I haven't really seen you help out (Maybe that's a bit my fault, I don't know). Also, your join date was 4 days ago, I do not think 4 days are enough to understand the server enough. Your maturity is fine though, do not change that. So, if you could improve your helpfullness, and have played some more on the server, then perhaps I can go +1, but for now it's a -1
also the rank isn't going anywhere, take your time to explore the server and get to know it.