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Join us on Discord! It's currently our most active platform with custom emotes, bots, and channels for our biweekly community meetings, discussions, giveaways, and Werewolf (Mafia). It is the best way to contact staff if you require immediate assistance or just to chat with people for fun!​

Some of our notable channels:
#info - Information/rules for the server, as well as additional information about the community.
#announcements - Announcements for polls, giveaways, events, community meetings and others.
#discord-feedback - Leave any suggestions you have for the Discord server here, including emotes, roles and channels
#meeting-voicechat - Join us for community meetings every other week!
#lounge - Most of the conversation happens here!
#politics - A hidden channel to those who do not wish to participate in political discussions. Type .iam Politics to view the channel and .iamn Politics to remove it.
#showcase - Post your original work here! Illustration, photography, writing, music, anything goes!
#bot - A channel for all the bot commands: gambling, fishing, rategirl, and all the fun stuff.
#music - Discussions about music, as well as home to our music bot, Rythm. Check the pins for more information.
#werewolf - A channel dedicated to our Werewolf (Mafia) bot.

#werewolf hosts quick rounds of Mafia-like games with day/night phases where players are grouped into Village, Wolf, and Third-Party. The town's goal is to lynch all the wolves to win, while the wolf team's goal is to have equal or more players in the wolf team. Third-parties, such as crazed shaman and fools, have their own win conditions.

You need a minimum of 4 players for any gamemode. Both night chats and night actions are through the bot in a DM. Any global command can be used both in DM and in the channel.​

!gamemodes - Lists the gamemodes. Use !gamemode [gamemode] to check its description and template.
!join (!j) - Create/join a game.
!leave - Leave the game.
!start - Vote to start the game.
!vote (!v) [gamemode/player] - Vote for a certain gamemode or player. (You can also use !lynch [player])
!votes (!v) - Check for votes on gamemodes or players.
!nl - Vote to no-lynch that day.
!retract (!r) - Retract your vote.
!stats - Check the roles and players for the game (You can also use !alive and !dead)​
!roles - Shows a list of roles. Use !role [role] for information on a specific role.
!time (!t) - Shows the time remaining for that day
!totems - Lists the possible totems. Use !totem [totem] for the description of a specific totem.
!coin - Flip a coin for the important decisions.
!commands - Lists the commands.
!help [command] - Gives more information for a command.

• Patreon Donor - Has donated to our Patreon!
• DJ - Has additional power for Rythm (the music bot) in #music, message the Discord Admin to apply.
• Emote Contributor - Has contributed to the server's emotes. Submit suggestions in #discord-feedback
• Streamer - Streams under our community name, message the advertising admin to apply.
• Werewolf - Assign yourself this role by typing .iam Werewolf to be tagged for #werewolf games!
• Politics - Assign yourself this role by typing .iam Politics to view the #politics channel.

Assign yourself games to find others to play with! Type $playing [game] to give yourself the tag and again to remove the tag, or use $notplaying. To view a list of game tags, type $listgames. To view someone's game tags, type $playerinfo (Username or User ID). To view all players that have a game tag, type $getplayers [game]. Suggest games with $suggestgame [category] | [game].

We also have ranks using the level system, automatically assigned based on your activity on the server. When you reach Member, you will gain the ability to participate in giveaways and assign color roles to yourself by typing $color (color). Type $listcolors for a list of colors and $playerinfo for your current level.

Need help? Our current Discord Admin is Later_Gator and the current Discord Developer is Nottykitten. Feel free to contact them or leave suggestions/concerns in #discord-feedback.​
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