[Declined] Infernofox/Vino's staff application

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Aug 6, 2011
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In-game Username: infernofox

Staff References (not required):

Prior Blocktopia/EscRestart Staffing Experience:

Classic Lava, classic Tnt, classic build, classic zombie, Smp, and TTT.

How would you describe the responsibilities and obligations of a moderator:

To help keep the server a friendly and clean environment for all players. To help those who need it wether it be a disagreement, a question, or something that I need to go above and beyond to help with. To have an understanding of the rules and to help others understand them and to enforce them. To assist fellow staff in difficult situations and work as a team to help others. Finally to be active and friendly to all players and to have a good knowledge of the server.

Assume there are more applicants, for what reason would we choose you over them:

I have a large amount of experience staffing in different server environments In this community such as over a year on classic Lava and working few months staffing other servers. Additionally I am a very friendly person who constantly looks to assist others and to give everyone a fun experience. I have a lot of experience with Smp and minecraft in general having been in this community and playing minecraft since 2010. Not sure if this applies here but I also work in a highly customer-service based job and I feel many of the people skills I have acquired in that environment can also be applied in staffing a server as so.

How would you deal with a situation you have no experience with:

If it is a smaller situation I will use my skills and knowledge to find an optimal solution myself. If however I alone cannot solve the problem, I can look for help from either other staff members who may have knowledge in the situation and/or look for help from higher ups. I feel staffing it both team oriented and a learning experience and both of them are important in overcoming challenges I may face.

How would you deal with another staff member abusing their powers:

I would kindly tell them they are overstepping their boundaries and that they should slow down a bit. If the problem persists I will privately let a higher up know of the issue.

What do you consider your greatest weakness:

My hours of availability due to school and work. I should be able to come on the server for a few hours a day, however these may Fluxuate around times when work becomes heavily demanding or when finals come around in school.

Anything else you would like tell us about yourself:

I feel due to my experiences in both staffing previous servers and my experience with assisting others I would be a great asset to the moderation team on this server. I am friendly, inviting, and outgoing and I will gladly lend out a helping hand not only to players of the server but also any other staff members who may need it. I am looking forward to this opportunity give and I hope for the best of the server. Thank you for reading

Sincerly, infernofox/vino/Mike

P. S. Typed this all up on my phone so sorry if formatting is a little off

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Sep 9, 2012
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Hello infernofox, after looking over your application we have decided to decline it, there was concern that with you having activity issues and applying for both Kami's Realm and Gary's Mod staff that you might not be able to meet the commitments for both. You are welcome to reapply after the server opens.
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