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The Drunk
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Nov 21, 2011
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In-game Username: Danni122112

Staff References (not required): Lee_scar, Wink, Sparkly, eggnog, tnmjimbob

Prior Blocktopia/EscRestart Staffing Experience: You know me

How would you describe the responsibilities and obligations of a moderator: Staffing the server, basicly making sure everyone is okay, rules are followed, dealing with drama.

Assume there are more applicants, for what reason would we choose you over them: I know everything about the server, since I created it.

How would you deal with a situation you have no experience with: I cant imagine a situation I have not had exerience with earlier, but if one would occur, I would use my brain and think up the best solution, or ask some other staff member what they thought, if present.

How would you deal with another staff member abusing their powers: Rocket them until they were kicked for being too high up.

What do you consider your greatest weakness: English is not my main language, so I sometimes dont understand what everyone means, but it have improved in the time I have been in Blocktopia. (see)

Anything else you would like tell us about yourself: I am from Norway, I go to school. I like drinking.

(This is actually a serious application for moderator)
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¡Juego de las Pulgas!
Aug 7, 2011
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A great staff member on Dusk of Discordia, you simply have what it takes for a staffing position on Kami's Realm. This application may appear bare, but it truly is in this case based on your experience and background. I would love to see you back on our team. +1


Mar 24, 2012
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Heyyy Danni,

As long as you stay active you have the potential to be one of our best and most contributing staff members. You've asssured me that you will be able to keep up on your activity so add that along with the fact that I can't see why someone who contributed as much as any of us to this server shouldn't be staffing here, I think a +1 is more the appropriate.

Good luck! c:


The Fail Chipmunk
Jan 1, 2012
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I'm actually basing this off of my experience with you on AoD but as I've already seen you helping out on KR and I know you have a ton of experience under your belt, I am giving you this +1!

Oak Milk

Kill Hungry Thirsty Dead
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Sep 9, 2012
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After having discussed this application with JtTorso, we have come to the decision to deny your staff application. We feel that, while you may have once been a director of SMP, and helped out with the making of Kami's Realm, this application gives us no real reason to accept you back into our ranks other than the fact that you were once an SMP director, and because of your previous experiences with staffing we feel that you should be held to an even higher standard than most applicants. Lastly we are unsure of your dedication and the time you will be spending when considering your early departure during the devlopment of Kami.

And when we have people asking if your application is serious it raises some concerns.
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