[Declined] Danni's application for Moderator, if you still want me

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Nov 21, 2011
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I would first off like to start off with an apology for my last app, it was not at all like a proper and serious staff application should be, and I do apology for that, to everyone who I offended or dissapointed, but especially to Oak, and last to Jt and the rest of the SMP staff.
I ask you to please read this app, and concider if I am still worthy to staff along you Oak.

In-game Username:
I do have two alternate accounts that I own, one is the well know, Captain_A_, the other is The_Sixtynine, which my girlfriend uses.

Staff References (not required):
Lee_scar, Wink, Sparkly, EggNog, tnmjimbob

Prior Blocktopia/EscRestart Staffing Experience:
I have been an Operator on AoD, I was also an Operator on the A&T server, as I also staffed two SMPs, I staffed 3 servers at once at one point. On the SMP's I staffed as Trusted and Operator. I got accepted for VetOp by the start of DoD, and later rose to the rank of Controller and then later I was lucky enough to have the oppertunity to Co-Direct with Old_Man_Oak63. I also helped creating Kami, but due to a lack of time I was sadly not able to stay as a Director until release.

How would you describe the responsibilities and obligations of a moderator:
You can say that moderator is the most important rank. It would not be a lie, but so is Director. Something I learned as a Director was that the server would not be able to function without either. All ranks are the most important rank, in their own way. I really learned to appreciate all the work moderators do. they keep the daily server peace, as far as they are able to. They are the first person you contact when there is grief, or any other rule disputes. They are instantly there when you need them, if the discussions in that chat get a bit too hot headed. I could keep on listing the specific jobs that Moderators got, but it would be and endless list, that would be extremely boring to read. It could however show how important they are to the server.

Moderator are described as rolemodels for the players, and they truely are. Although no one is perfect, the moderators should act on the server, as they want the players to act. It is however important to still be able to relax, to be yourselves as a staffmember, and always remmeber that the rules are there for the people, and dont enforce the rules like a machine. Follow the spirit of the rules, not the words.

Assume there are more applicants, for what reason would we choose you over them:
I am very experienced, and have always felt that I have been a very good staffmember, though I am as everyone not without flaws, as will be metioned later in this application. I feel that I will truely be able to help the server. I also like to think that I am a fun guy to both staff and play with, and I can be very cooperative when staffing. You can also trust me, In the long career of my staffing I have never abused my postion, nor used the powers to my advantage.
I really think, and hope that I will make a great and useful addition to the staff team of Kami's, if you chose to accept me, if not, there would be absolutely no reason for me to post this application,

How would you deal with a situation you have no experience with:
That would truely depend on the situation, but I would of course first try to solve it the best I can myself, and if feeling the need for it, I would ask other staff members what they thought, and if they did were unsure, I would contact our controllers and directors through steam or similar, or send a forum PM if they were not currently available. An example of this would be when a staffmember were once caught spawning in items when I was director. I talked to the staff, my co-director and the administrators for help with how to handle it, before chosing how to take care of it.

How would you deal with another staff member abusing their powers: I would if unsure try to make as sure that this may be the case, before immdeiatly contacting the higher staff of the server. I would also try to gather all the evidence I could as it would not be unlikely for them to try to hide it.

What do you consider your greatest weakness: Only one? There are several, the worst one regarding staffing might be my attitude. I can seem to not take my job as a staffmember seriously, but I can assure you I always have done, and always will do in the future if I am lucky enough to staff again. Other in attitude, I might seem a bit straightforwards if I think I am right, and that my way is the best way to do things. I do however try as good as I can to always concider and discuss all ways of doing stuff, or similar. I can truely say that none of this weaknesses have made me a bad staffmember before I had to resign from my position.

Anything else you would like tell us about yourself: I am a 17 year old boy from Norway I currently go to school and I am hoping to study engineering later on. At my spare time I still like to play games, although less than before, now just minecraft really to relax, talk to people and have fun. Other stuff I do in my spare time for the moment is that I am a lot with girlfriend, I also like to drink and party, or just hang out with friends.

Last I would like to adress the points that were the reason for my denial in the last application
It was mentioned that you should hold an even higher standard to me than other applicants, and I have truely done my very best with this app, as I really want to staff once more. I am again very sorry for my last application, it was not at all appropiate. Your last point was my dedicadation. When I had to resign from my position, It was because I never left school before 10 PM in the evening, and got there 8AM. I had to catch up with as good as every subject, and the small amount of spare time I had left, I really wanted to spend with my friends, and to be with them in the weekends when I was not at my workplace or studying. This should not be an issue anymore, as I have told you, at least I see no reason for that to happen now. I have always been, and will always be a very dedicated staffmember to the server I staff, and really want to be that one more time.


Aug 6, 2011
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Hello danni,

We'd like to start by saying we appreciate that you took the time to clean up your application and made it look much nicer. The same goes for the apology, we were thankful to receive it. Unfortunately though, we won't be accepting your application at this time. The first reason being: we did request that you wait at least 2 weeks before you reapply and you didn't meet that requirement.

The second reason includes a combination of your previous application and the conversations we've had with you about SMP. At this moment, we feel that your current outlook on SMP and it's staff isn't at par or where it needs to be to return. We’ll always be appreciative of what you accomplished for this server and DoD but right now, your attitude needs to stray away from "me" and more towards "us", since when you become a staff member, you are joining a team where everyone needs to work together on equal grounds.

However, this still doesn't have to be the last time you apply; we're not trying to discourage you, we're simply saying we'd like to see a change in your general attitude on the forums / server before we welcome you back as staff. We hope this makes sense to you but if not, you are more than welcomed to PM Oak and I for a deeper explanation.

Please feel free to reapply in a minimum of 2 weeks.
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