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Aug 6, 2011
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Alkatraz revived this staff roster and then he created conversation with me, as I'm master of tracking staff members.
Do you want to know history of Escape Restart? Click here.

Community Admin
A Community Admin is the highest rank within Escape Restart.
They represent the community and deal with community-wide affairs; they typically decide on who becomes a Server Admin.
They play the most important roles on Escape Restart.
Community Admin has Server Admin on every server and service of this community.
Community Admins may directly control servers.

Server Admin
The Server Admin manages their respective servers.
They organize the overall staff, and decide on certain promotions (Controller+).
Currently, you'll usually find one Server Admin per server, but some servers have two.
Server Admins have Controller rank on other game servers, that they didn't staff originally.
They may use controller powers on other servers to help with stuff.

Controller is second in charge on Escape Restart servers (Taking after Server Admins). They are acting "helpers" to the Server Admins.
They are one of the most flexible and powerful ranks that are attainable, able to utilize server-changing commands, but are usually more limited to admin-based work.

Developer isn't moderating rank - they are specialized as technicians introducing new bugs and removing features or something like that.

Moderators are second lowest staff rank. They moderate servers.
They are allowed to hack to increase their ability to oversee the game.

Trusted ranks are intended to help out players when the server Moderators aren't around.
Every Moderator+ gains this rank on servers, where they don't have rank.
They have limited selection of moderator commands.

Forum Moderator
Forum Moderators are moderating subforums of their choice.
They can warn users, merge/locks posts, or ban user from threads.
Forum Moderators are only one non-gaming rank.

Guest is the second lowest rank on Escape Restart. These users play an important role of Escape Restart and have no extra powers whatsoever.
The role of the guest is to simply participate in Escape Restart's servers and enjoy their stay, whilst following the rules.

Trusted (in old format), and VetOp ceased to exist due to Overhaul.
Developer is back.

Staff ranks descriptions were taken from wiki.
Here is that roster:

Total staff: 33
Count of staff by HIGHEST rank they have.
Community Admin: 3
Server Admin: 5
Controller: 1
Developer: 2
Moderator: 21
Forum Moderator: 1

Count of staff by server: 38
Not counting Server Admins from other servers
Administration: 3
Minecraft: Rituals of Fire: 1
Minecraft: Create: 6
Minecraft: Army of Darkness: 2
Minecraft: Return of Arcadia: 12
Garry's Mod: Trouble in Terrorist Town: 6
Garry's Mod: Deathrun: 1
EscapeRestart Forums/TS/Discord: 7
SMP is under development. Their staff doesn't count to totals.

Count of staff by rank:
(Some of staff may be staffing more than 1 server, so sum of numbers below will be higher than total amount)
If staff member X is Moderator on server A and Controller on B then he is listed twice - as Moderator and Controller, because essentially he is double-staff.
I'll write down names of Trusted+ Moderator+

Community Admin (3)​
  1. Hex
  2. Nillbugwtw
  3. Robo
Server Admin (5)​
  1. Comp (AoD)
  2. cheatyface (RoA)
  3. Jolterino (RoA)
  4. KNBrisson (Discord)
  5. Infected_alien8_ (TTT + Deathrun)
Controller (2)​
  1. Swift_Siren (Create)​
  2. KNBrisson (RoA)

Developer (3)​
  1. Comp (RoA)
  2. Nottykitten (RoA + Discord)​
  3. Okx (RoA)
Moderator (21)​
  1. _Kaito_Kid (RoF)
  2. Bhyldir (Create)
  3. Geekenstein (Create)
  4. jackamel (Create)
  5. PinkUnicornz (Create)
  6. TheArchiteck (Create)
  7. HKCaper (AoD + RoA)
  8. Arelic (RoA)
  9. Hockeyfan1852 (RoA)
  10. purplepixies (RoA)
  11. Vrgin (RoA)
  12. Zelz (RoA)
  13. fly (TTT)
  14. Mars (TTT)
  15. Pika Pika (TTT)
  16. prime105 (TTT)
  17. webpaige (TTT)
  18. sad (Discord)
  19. lizthehedgehog (Discord)
  20. MacTarvish (Discord)
  21. RaizzanX (Discord)
Forum Moderator (1)​
  1. Ansoro2112
Staffing multiple servers at once?
  1. Comp - AoD Server Admin + RoA Developer
  2. Infected_Alien8_ - GMOD TTT & GMOD Deathrun Server Admin
  3. KNBrisson - RoA Controller + Discord Server Admin
  4. Nottykitten - RoA & Discord Developer
  5. HKCaper - AoD & RoA Moderator
Do you want to know, who was staff here previously on former classic servers, on former/current CMP/Solitude servers and on premium TNT?
There are links:
Lava Survival Ex-staff list by HarmakPaul!
(Last Zombie Staff) Zombie Survival Ex-staff list by (fredmandood) Chillingworth!
(Premium) TNT Wars Ex-staff list by (zezmi) Alkatraz!
A+T Ex/staff list by davidjl123!
CMP Ex/staff list by NogTrog!
SMP Ex/staff list by davidjl123!

List of current staff (active servers only), who joined in:
2010 (1) - nillbugwtw
2011 (7) - Ansoro2112, Arelic, jackamel, Jolterino, Nottykitten, RaizzanX, Zelz
2012 (5) - Cheatyface, HockeyFan1852, Infected_Alien8_, MacTarvish, Vrgin
2013 (6) - Comp, Hex, lizthehedgehog, PinkUnicornz, purplepixies, Robo
2014 (3) - Geekenstein, HKCaper, Swift_Siren
2015 (2) - Bhyldir, Okx
2016 (7) - _Kaito_Kid, fly, Mars, Pika Pika, Prime105, TheArchiteck, Webpaige
2017 (0) -
2018 (0) -
2019 (2) - KNBrisson, sad

Here you can see how many staff we had over time:
Fair warning:
Before January 2010 its pretty much guess.
There were few meeting recaps and old staff roster from 2010, so TO staff amount isn't very accurate
but still better than total guess in 2009.
There were archived recaps for majority of 2011, except ~1.5 month hole during June and July 2011.
Forums crashed in July 2011 ans launched in August 2011 - no recaps for that period.
I started recording staff changes in mid 2012.
Even recaps are less accurate, when there was a lot of Trusteds+ - Controllers+ had hard time tracking all ongoing promotions and demotions.
I included staff on trial too, further increasing possible inaccuracies.

2009 - actual staff number may be up to 100% off
2010 - up to 50% off
2011 - up to 20% off
2012 - up to 10% off
2013 and later - pretty much accurate. (<5% off)
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Aug 6, 2011
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That's quite a long time, haha. I spent around 45 minutes doing mine. :p
You had only BB and A+T :p
And I had whole Blocktopia to track down :D

Without spreadsheet, that Alkatraz revived I would never do this roster.
I was keeping it in PM's updating it, then after two weeks (conversation started 28 July) I decided to publish it here and made this post :)


Aug 6, 2011
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raxo2222 Destroyerx1 told me a while back that being a Dev, you are a global op (kind of like Director is a global controller) Otherwise, awesome post!
I think it's up to the HC Director, for example WinX is a Trusted on Zombie, and no developers have any rank on TNT.

I'm a Zombie Trusted as well ;)
Most of the actual updates will be done at meetings when promotions/demotions/resignations are actually announced.
If you've been a Zombie Trusted for a while, then blame it on the fact that there is no Zombie Staff List which is actually up to date. :D


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Aug 6, 2011
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(created at 9/8)

Added VetOps.
Shuffled statistics to remove confusion and inconsistencies.
Fixed bugs about color formatting.


Updated according to 10/8 Meeting Recap

So much resignations :( - now we have 131 Trusted+
Demotions and promotions happens in middle of week too.
So I'm updating it every day.

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Aug 5, 2011
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"Controller is second in charge on Blocktopia servers (Taking after Directors). They are acting "helpers" to the Head-Controllers"


Too lazy to quote it with the button