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Jan 13, 2013
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Community News
From now on, I am planning on making news posts monthly updates.
I'm doing this for a few reasons, mainly because a months worth of news is a lot more to present, especially when there is a small amount of work staff.

I may bring community meetings back with this, as they won't be as frequent - I will detail about this more later.

Community Events

Special sticker offer to $5/m pledges before april 5th!

Found some spare change in your couch and are feeling generous? Donate to us to ensure our servers stay up! We also have a Patreon page where you can donate however much you want monthly, and gain a Discord donor rank if it's over $5/m: check it out here!

Special shoutout to Swift_Siren and omgitsathong for the large donations!

Minecraft Account Link
Register your forum account and get a [Member] rank in the Lobby. More rewards coming soon for forum registration and donors!

Please make sure to vote for our GameServers! It helps us reach to new players and will help grow our community, and you get rewards across all servers! You can refer to the links below for the websites.

Planet Minecraft

Community Event
Make sure to vote on the latest community event poll!

• The discord is currently undergoing some changes,
Please post any feedback or suggestions in #feedback!
• Make sure to refresh yourself with our new #info page!
• DynoBot is a new bot in our server, learn more about it here!

• You now use ![colour] to change your name colour.

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Joxey has resigned

This week's Crayola colour is Deep Space Sparkle!: ((̲̅ ̲̅(̲̅C̲̅r̲̅a̲̅y̲̅o̲̅l̲̲̅̅a̲̅( ̲̅((>
(hint hint)

Expect a new world to be blasting off too soon while you wait for BuildBox!

• SwiftSiren was accepted to Moderator, promoted to Controller
• Inventourous was demoted due to Inactivity
• Jackamel was demoted to Moderator due to Staff Misconduct
• SessyBessy passed Trial and was promoted to Moderator
• Bhlydir passed Trial and was promoted to Moderator

Create SimCity Expansion!
SimCity was Expanded! Read more about it here:

Create is buggy, I am well aware of this and the majority of the playerbase is aware of this also. You may run into a few hitches during a playthrough in create, and if you do I'd like for you to just report it to me and I will deal with it, but please try to only report important bugs. My time is much more valuable focusing on BuildBox as of now, and Create is already at its seams so theres only so much I can do with it. I'd appreciate more help with BuildBox if you are interested in helping.

1.13.2 Bridge Crash
Fern Growth Glitch

I am currently looking for any help that is given! If you are willing to build, give ideas, help with configs, or any sorts - feel free to DM myself (Hex) or SwiftSiren.

Create Staff have been knocking away at BuildBox for a while and have been making some good progress! We are currently in a stage where plugins are being tested, along with permissions - and buildings are being constructed. The server was also updated to 1.13!

I am also currently waiting on FAWE to update to World-Edit 7, because without that we cannot use PlotSquared on 1.13.2. For this, I cannot give a given release date, because the devs themselves have not given me or any other users a set date or ETA.

For all the troubles, have a spoiler!

If you haven't already, please make sure to check out the teaser post for my new project on renovating Create!

Please post any suggestions you might have for Buildbox here:

The lava god has been quite calm and peaceful recently.

AoD hasn't had any significant changes in the past month due to work on SMP.

Please feel free to refer to the links below if you want to read on the latest information or want to help.

Map Helper Applications | Map Update Thread

Check out our most recent update post here!

• Danni has resigned from Admin!
• CheatyFace has been promoted to Admin!
• KNBrisson has been promoted to Controller!

Development is continuing at a steady pace.​

It's too cold for Garry's Mod

Garry's Mod Deathrun
(no banner yet)

It's too cold for Garry's Mod

Definitely not Solitude

Resources have been re-directed SMP for development in order to speed up release of updates for SMP. Server development will pick up after a while.

We are looking for builders who can build modern, landscaping/terraforming or military style of builds. If you are interested in helping build, contact Refrigerated_Elements on either the forums or discord.


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Aug 6, 2011
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I synchronized my staff roster.
We have 29/33 Moderators+ - highest since April 2017.

AoD and RoF have only two staff each - server admin and single moderator.
Create and RoA have 6 and 12 Mods+ respectively.
GMOD TTT has 6 Mods+ and GMOD Deathrun is run by Infected alone.

Is that staff list correct - that is no one is missing, and no one in list is demoted?
You forgot to note that IQD has resigned some time ago.

Community Admin (2)​
  1. Hex
  2. Nillbugwtw
Server Admin (5)​
  1. Robo (RoF)
  2. Comp (AoD)
  3. cheatyface (RoA)
  4. Jolterino (RoA)
  5. Infected_alien8_ (TTT + Deathrun)
Controller (2)​
  1. Swift_Siren (Create)​
  2. KNBrisson (RoA)

Developer (3)​
  1. Comp (RoA)
  2. Nottykitten (RoA + Discord)​
  3. Okx (RoA)
Moderator (18)​
  1. _Kaito_Kid (RoF)
  2. Bhyldir (Create)
  3. Geekenstein (Create)
  4. jackamel (Create)
  5. PinkUnicornz (Create)
  6. TheArchiteck (Create)
  7. HKCaper (AoD + RoA)
  8. Arelic (RoA)
  9. Hockeyfan1852 (RoA)
  10. purplepixies (RoA)
  11. Vrgin (RoA)
  12. Zelz (RoA)
  13. fly (TTT)
  14. Mars (TTT)
  15. Pika Pika (TTT)
  16. prime105 (TTT)
  17. webpaige (TTT)
Forum Moderator (1)​
  1. Ansoro2112
Staff join dates are roughly evenly distributed between 2011 and 2016 year.
2010 (1) - nillbugwtw
2011 (6) - Ansoro2112, Arelic, jackamel, Jolterino, Nottykitten, Zelz
2012 (4) - Cheatyface, HockeyFan1852, Infected_Alien8_, Vrgin
2013 (5) - Comp, Hex, PinkUnicornz, purplepixies, Robo
2014 (3) - Geekenstein, HKCaper, Swift_Siren
2015 (2) - Bhyldir, Okx
2016 (7) - _Kaito_Kid, fly, Mars, Pika Pika, Prime105, TheArchiteck, Webpaige
2017 (0) -
2018 (0) -
2019 (1) - KNBrisson
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Jun 3, 2012
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You are developer according to this.
I sort of am, but I hold no official rank within the team really (I gave myself the Dev rank in-game!), so really I can float off at any time. I haven't been on SMP since "16/02/2019 10:56:44"! Since I made my retirement post, I consider myself retired.

Ah well /shrug


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Aug 6, 2011
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I sort of am, but I hold no official rank within the team really (I gave myself the Dev rank in-game!), so really I can float off at any time. I haven't been on SMP since "16/02/2019 10:56:44"! Since I made my retirement post, I consider myself retired.

Ah well /shrug
Jolterino needs to fix his staff roster then.