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    Community News 283 - 20th January 2018


    Read about our plans for the community here. These are pretty damn massive, you ought to give them a glance.

    Arelic has been promoted to CA!
    SirComputer has resigned from CA (but is still RoF Admin).

    Community Events
    Want to host an event? Check out our CDE guidelines!

    If you have some money spare, we would really appreciate a donation! We also have a Patreon page where you can donate however much you want monthly, and gain a Discord donor rank if it's over $5/m: check it out here!

    Vote Here!
    Voting helps make our server more visible and is the easiest way to give our server free publicity. On top of that, you get rewards for doing it. Please help us out!

    Join our Discord here!
    • Give feedback/suggestions in #discord-feedback!​



    This week's Crayola colour is: ((̲̅ ̲̅(̲̅C̲̅r̲̅a̲̅y̲̅o̲̅l̲̲̅̅a̲̅( ̲̅((>

    has been promoted to Moderator!
    Jackamel has been promoted to Controller!
    Zelz has resigned, thanks for all your help!

    Please read the short snippet about Create in SirC's post here, thank you!



    A patch has been applied to make reboots happen a lot quicker. This has brought our load times down just over 60% to around 30 seconds. For those interested, all the worlds were being loaded on boot before being subsequently unloaded for when the server begins running. We cut out the initial loading.

    Prestige is coming.

    The snow golems have melted. Regular Hunters have returned!

    Map Helper Applications | Map Update Thread


    Check out this thread for more information and what to expect for our upcoming SMP!

    - JtTorso and Robo have joined the team
    - Major_Bryan is now the Head Economist



    Huge thank you to Nottykitten for helping out with TTT and making some great progress with the server!
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    Nice staff shuffle.
    We have 16 Mods+
    Not counting TTT/SMP staff yet.

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