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    Here is a list of commands you can use in the server that don't appear on the !menu.

    All of these will open up a link in your steam browser, with your permission.

    !commands = takes you to this forum page
    !content = takes you to our Deathrun server's steam workshop content collection
    !textures = takes you to download the textures to fix the purple and black errors
    !discord = takes you to our Discord server
    !forums = takes you to the homepage on our forums
    !mafia = takes you to the mafia forum to check the latest mafia game
    !news = takes you to our Twitter page for latest updates
    !joke = takes you to a random joke generator
    !ttt = takes you to our TTT server
    !tttplayers = takes you to see who's currently playing on the TTT server

    Other commands that don't open a URL:

    !motd = shows the motd
    !rtv = votes to change the map
    !jukebox or !jb = opens up the Jukebox
    !stop = stops the jukebox playing for you
    !menu = gives a list of ulx commands
    !p <playername> <message> = privately messages another person
    !settings = opens the settings menu where you can change your HUD
    !crosshair = opens the crosshair editor so you can design your own crosshair
    !thirdperson = enables or disables third person mode (f8 also does this)
    !stuck = gets you unstuck
    !maps or !nominate = choose from a list of maps to nominate for the next map vote
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