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Discussion in 'Player-made Settlements' started by Roobarb Pie, Feb 12, 2019.

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    Name: The last bastion ( [BST] )
    roobarb_pie (that's me!)
    Members (You need at least 1 settler and 4 nomads): roobarb_pie (still me), digistra ('strayan), gonkus (roman pingwin), someone755 (lover of brief conversations in voice chat), swift_siren (because last time didn't go horribly ;) ), peter24 (get him to the greek).
    Settlement Description: Excerpt from survivor's log: william hangsen (era 1, year 2 - era 3 year 4):

    "Well, this is truely the end for us. I remember so long ago, back in a simpler time, before the first primordian war. The hollow bastion was a home to many of us, we sought shelter within that vast mountain ridge. Of course, we knew that nothing could last forever. So, one day, we simply up and left through the gate to the other world, seeking fame and fortune. We travelled across many worlds, many realities. A harbourside silver vale, a tower of wizards, the ancient town of orken. One fine day, upon the planes of discordia, we settled for what we felt was for good. Hollow Bastion made anew."

    "After months of toiling away, creating a safe haven underground, we heard of the endtimes. This reality had become unstable and was no longer suitable for life. Without a word, we parted, never to return to that great forest. Another primordian war and a visit to the realm belonging to one kami passed, and we found ourselves longing for one final chance to see lands ancient and mysterious."

    "Upon a few weeks of travelling, a new settlement was founded. Quickly and carefully, we have been excavating a tribute to what we have lost, and what we are yet to create. This is our last safe haven, our last defence against the agression of the outside world."

    "This is our Last Bastion."

    The last bastion is the third and final city created by gonkus and roob, first developed in SMP 1 as an outpost of Rome. This quickly became it's own city. After SMP 1 closed, a second hollow bastion was not made until the release of Dusk of Discordia, with a vision from roob (I WANT A MASSIVE UNDERGROUND PIT THAT WE WILL MAKE PRETTY). Sadly, the construction of this mahoosive pit was not completed before the closure of the server. In Return of Arcadia, we've returned to the theme of an underground fortification, located in the mountains of PvP. With a team of dedicated builders, we plan on making a final HollowBastion, with tributes to the original Hollows, and, with luck, bring our own creative flair to this underground home.

    Why should your settlement be a City?:
    We have the emeralds, we have a large scale plan for an underground citadel, we have the playercount, we really want the logo after our nametags, and we have the emeralds.

    Plus we're not quite ready yet for metropolis.
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    Hi Roob,

    Your imgur links won't load, so we have to decline.

    That said, I like your town, and you meet the criteria. I'll poke the shit out of Jolt to get this moving, consider it accepted (after the images load (I'm joking (or am I?))).

    Jolterino I choose you!
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    There were problems with albums since forever.
    That is you need to rightclick on IMGUR over that album to open it in separate tab.
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    City and portal implemented

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