Breathing new life into EscapeRestart


Aug 6, 2011
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As many of you may have seen on Discord today, a lot of us are in agreeance that the time has come to help strengthen and grow EscapeRestart.
One of the main concerns first and foremost is just how much work has fallen on Hex_ to do. Before we can hope to expand we need to build a sturdier base by helping Hex_ run the show.

Ways WE can help
  • [Advertising] post to outlets such as; r/mcservers, EscapeRestart twitter, other discords (should they allow it), content creation, etc.
  • [Leadership] aiding Hex_ with tasks such as posting the news, hosting meetings or events, etc
  • [Technical] server updating, bug fixes, development, etc
Once we have strengthened things here at the core then we can begin to take on new projects, expand upon existing ones & really grow the community into something much bigger than it already is. Let us use this thread both as a way to unofficially gauge interest in the possible future of the community & also as a place to make suggestions on how we can get there.
Current Ideas
  • Expand upon the initial rebranding from a "Minecraft" community to a "gaming" community - shift our focus to more gaming nights, weekly events, and more frequent use of the "Looking for game" roles on discord. This would help drive the players to initially join the discord and hopefully encourage them to stay.
  • Better cater to our existing Minecraft player base - bring back aod/rof, introduce new servers such as; an anarchy, event & theme servers. NOTE: This would require more people behind the scenes on the technical side of things for development & maintenance
  • Creating content on behalf of EscapeRestart - streaming, lets plays, & highlight reel clips to help new players visualize what to expect from joining the community.
The opportunities are endless, make suggestions on what you would like to see change & how you would change it. If we want to grow the community, we have to grow as a community.