Blocktopia 1.15.2 Update + More!


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Jan 13, 2013
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Buzzin' into 1.15!

Hello everyone! I know a lot of people are home due to the coronavirus, and I'm one of those people also - so I have been putting some time into the servers so everyone has something nice and fresh to look forward too during these times. Let's jump right into whats new in this new update for Blocktopia ?

1.14 & 1.15 Blocks & Features

We have jumped two versions, and these versions include a ton of new blocks for you to build with! Some notable changes you will see are:

• Lanterns
• New Slab, Sign, Stair, & Wall Types
• Campfires
• Barrels & Bells
• Honey Blocks & Beehives
• Bees, Pandas, Foxes

Ditching FAWE

FAWE was buggy. We had constant problems with it, there was always a new glitch waiting around the corner that would somehow limit a user in some way. I've finally decided to do away with FAWE and replace with with Async World-Edit. It essentially does the same thing, but appears to be much less buggier and stable - especially for 1.15 Servers. With that, FAWE was heavily integrated into the server, so if you notice any bugs, or permission errors with AWE, please notify Swift, Refrigerated, or Myself.

Stability Improvements

Blocktopia has had a few stints where it needs a restart due to pretty bad lag. I've looked into it and I've combed through every plugin we currently are using and downsized a bit on plugins that are no longer needed. I've also updated everyone to the most latest and stable version, along with removing FAWE which seemed to be a huge factor in causing some weird bugs and crashes.

I'm also going to be implementing an Auto Restart that goes along with our daily Bungeecord Restart @ 1 AM EST. This will ensure that the server has a nice breather every day.

Squashed Bugs

I also made sure to take a look at our bug tracker and cleaned all of that up as much as possible. Heres a few in particular:

blocktopia-gamechat's join-messages contain §
Nicknames do not appear in tab
[FAWE] Sphere brush does not work at size 1
[FAWE] [Report Sent] NBT data lost when assets are copied or moved
• BuildBattles now actually work!
+ A bunch more!

Please remember if you run into any bugs, make sure to report them @!

Some Losses

Honestly, this update went really smooth. We lost FAWE, but replaced it with something better. The only plugin that was caught in the crossfire is Arceon. I believe the dev is planning on updating it though, and I don't think too many people used it. Hopefully I can put a new version of that in soon.

Otherwise, everything else should be in place ?

Space World

It's finally here, the long-awaited Space World! Shoutout to The Architeck, Swift, and Refrigerated for all having a hand in this amazing spawn.

Please make sure you read the rules before you build on this world, and keep in mind it is restricted to Builders+. You can read the rules at this link right here
They are also displayed as a hologram in spawn, so no excuse on not following them!

If you are caught breaking the rules, you can be restricted from the world and if problems further arise you will be kicked or banned from the server. We want to keep this world on a theme and topic, so please keep it that way ?


Thank you all for being an amazing community and holding out for this update. I hope it was well worth it and you all enjoy the new features that have come to the server. Please remember if you run into any bugs, leave them on our bug tracker here, and if you have any suggestions to improve Blocktopia feel free to make a forum post here!

Everyone stay safe and make sure to practice social distancing during this outbreak! I hope everyone is doing well ❤ Hopefully this update is a nice little gift for you if you are quarantined and stuck at home. I will also be posting a community news post soon, so keep an eye out for that.