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    Welcome to Army of Darkness' Achievements Update. Along with some major changes to achievements, rules, and help, AoD is introducing Team Deathmatch and new menus for limits and settings. The update will be using Minecraft 1.12.

    The update will be released on Saturday July 1st at 9 AM GMT. Convert to your timezone here



    As the name of this update suggests, the focus of it is on achievements. In total, 35 new achievements have been added.
    A new tier system has also been introduced. Currently, there are 6 tiers of achievements, from 1 to 6. Tier 1 is the easiest achievements, whereas tier 6 is the most difficult to obtain. Each of the tiers has a different color, as shown below:
    • Tier 1
    • Tier 2
    • Tier 3
    • Tier 4
    • Tier 5
    • Tier 6
    There is also a Miscellaneous tier for achievements which don't fit into any tier.

    Lastly, the /achievements menu has been re-designed. You can toggle the menu type to show either the original style menu or the tiered menu by clicking the center block at the bottom of the menu (shown in the first picture).

    Full Achievement List
    New achievements are in bold
    Tier 1
    Tutorial - Complete the Lobby Tutorial!
    Victor - Win a round of TDM!
    Flag Thief - Return the enemy's flag in CTF
    Bear Grylls - Survive a round of Infection with at least 2 Zombies on your tail
    Come Here You - Tag a Human in Infection
    Airstrike - Send an Airstrike to the other team in TnT!
    Revival - Revive a player in Mob!
    Veteran - Get to Level 5
    Blametnm - Blame tnmjimbob with /blametnm!

    Tier 2
    Game Changer - Get the winning kill in a round of TDM!
    Team Player - Get 5 assists in a round of TDM!
    Double Kill - Kill two people in one shot in CTF
    Just in Time - Kill or Tag the final survivor with less than 5 seconds to spare!
    Have We Even Started - Slay a Survivor within the first 30 seconds of the game!
    Butcher - Kill five players in Zombie
    Assault - Kill 4 hunters as Juggernaut
    Criminal - Get 250 kills!
    Core Nightmare - Damage the Core at least 80% of its max health in TnT
    Core Healer - Heal the Core at least 60% of its max health in TnT
    Rushed - Win a round of TnT within 1minute 30 seconds
    Mob Killer - Kill at least 100 mobs in Mob
    Hercules - Get to Level 10

    Tier 3
    Steadfast - Play a game of FFA without dying and have at least 2 kills!
    Lone Ranger - Get a 3 killstreak in FFA or TDM!
    Clutch - Eliminate all other teams with one life left in TDM!
    Flag Nightmare - Slay 5 Flag Carriers in a game of CTF!
    It Was Me or Them - Kill 4 hunters in Zombie
    Marathon Runner - Travel over 2000 blocks in Infection
    Assassin - Get 1000 kills!
    Sniper - Kill a player with a bow from over 50 blocks!
    Fan - Get 24 hours ontime!
    Novice Gamer - Play 250 games!
    Wither Slayer - Kill a wither in Mob
    Mob Survivor - Survive a game of Mob
    God - Get to Level 15
    Record Breaker - Get a new record

    Tier 4
    Parkour - Complete the Lobby Parkour
    Player Slayer - Get 10 or more kills in FFA!
    Rogue - Get a 5 killstreak in FFA or TDM!
    Oh Baby a Triple - Capture the flag three times in a CTF game!
    Only Shovels Allowed - Win a game of CTF without using the gun! (requires at least 3 kills)
    Hider - Win a round of Zombie without killing any Hunters
    Relentless - Survive a round of Zombie and get at least 10 kills
    A Hunting We Go - Kill 4 survivors in Zombie
    Enthusiast - Get 48 hours ontime!
    Amateur Gamer - Play 500 games!
    Boom - Kill at least 12 players in a game of TnT
    Primed and Ready - Kill at least 6 players using C4 in TnT
    Defuser - Defuse at least 20 explosives in TnT
    Mob Slayer - Kill at least 250 mobs in Mob
    Darkness - Get to Level 20

    Tier 5
    Assistant - Get 20 assist kills in FFA!
    Not My Fault - Lose a game of CTF and get at least 25 kills
    Hope Destroyer - Slay a Juggernaut within 60 seconds!
    Blitz - Kill 12 hunters as Juggernaut
    Runner - Survive a game of Infection with at least 8 Zombies on your tail
    Pro Tagger - Tag at least 5 players in a game of Infection
    Executioner - Get 2500 kills!
    Addict - Get 1 week of ontime!
    Pro Gamer - Play 1000 games!
    Reckoning - Get to level 25

    Tier 6
    One Man Army - Get a 10 kill streak in FFA or TDM!
    Triple Kill - Kill three people in one shot in CTF
    Grim Reaper - Kill 25 Hunters in Zombie
    Serial Killer - Get 10000 kills!
    Fanatic - Get 2 weeks of ontime!
    Legendary Gamer - Play 2000 games!
    Atomic - Kill at least 25 players in a game of TnT
    Overlord - Get to level 30

    Achievement King - Get all the achievements!
    Spoooky - Log in during spooky October!
    Fright Night - Log in during Halloween!


    /rules has been revamped. Instead of giving you a book, it's a menu that you can read while being able to pay attention to the game. Other information that was before the actual rules has been moved to /help, which is divided into the following sections: Game Modes, Commands, Achievements, Experience and Levels, Tokens and Cosmetics, Ranks, Staff, and Community. Hover over text whenever possible for more information!

    It is recommended that you review the rules, as many parts have been rewritten or modified.

    Rules in text form

    1. No Hacking (This means the use of any mods or hacked clients that give an unfair advantage in PvP are strictly prohibited)
    The following are examples of banned hacks:
    - Killaura (A hack which automatically targets the nearest player)

    - Fly (Allows the player to fly)
    - Speed (Allows the player to move faster than normal)
    - Toggle Sneak (Allows a player to constantly sneak)
    - Minimap (Although we would prefer if you don't use a minimap, it is only illegal if you can see player locations)

    2. Chat
    Chat Rules:
    - Swearing is allowed, but in moderation
    - Any form of hate-speech can be cause for an instant ban
    - Refrain from spamming, vote influencing, and excessive use of caps and formatting codes
    - Speak English in main chat

    3. Bugs (Please notify a staff member if you find something that isn’t right, as any exploitation of unintended features is punishable)

    The following are examples of bug abuses:
    - Block glitching (Breaking a block to shoot through or reach a place that is not possible through normal means)

    - Getting out of maps (Escaping the map to access areas that are not meant to be reached)

    4. No Team Sabotaging (Do not attempt to harm or kill teammates, team in FFA or help another team.)

    5. Towers & Pillaring (Both Survivors and Hunters are not allowed to pillar more than 5 blocks. Player-made parkour for towers is not permitted. When building towers, you are not allowed to use blocks that harms, restricts or alters the players’ actions)
    The following are examples of illegal blocks for towers:
    - Magma blocks (While players may shift to avoid damage, it does restrict the players' movement)

    - Packed ice (AoD allows players to launch off packed ice, making towers with packed ice difficult to navigate)
    - Soul sand (Slows the player's movement)
    - Cobwebs (Restricts the player's movement when jumping or moving in any direction)
    - Cacti (Damages the player constantly)

    6. Spawn Camping
    Spawn killing rules:
    - Do not camp spawn points (You cannot camp spawn points or attack newly spawned players)

    - If the spawn has an iron door, do not reenter your own or other spawns once you've exited (Players may not reenter spawn for safety or fight in the protected area)
    - Do not fight at spawn (You cannot attack players at spawn or shoot arrows from spawn)

    - Spawn killing is only legal when you are absolutely certain that the player is AFK (Even if a player is AFK, it is recommended that you go for other players first. If you are a Survivor, you are not allowed to kill Hunters that are AFK)

    7. Be Accessible (In all game modes, players must be able to reach where you are standing without building, breaking or modifying blocks. The legal path must be accessible at all times. You cannot make another player illegal.)
    Ways that require alternative methods to reach the player:
    - Redstone (Redstone contraptions that allow the path to be closed at times or cause harm to the players are illegal as the only legal way)

    - Potions (The legal path should not require potions such as fire resistance, water breathing or others to reach the player)
    - Elytras (Players may not have the same equipment and cannot reach where a player with elytras can reach)
    - Boats (Having to use boats to reach an area that cannot be reached otherwise is illegal)
    - Minecarts (Having to use minecarts to reach an area that cannot be reached otherwise is illegal)
    - Enderpearls (Players have a limited supply of enderpearls and must be able to utilize other ways to reach a player)

    8. Have Good Sportsmanship (Be respectful to other players at all times.)
    Examples of bad sportsmanship:
    - Leaving as first Hunter (Do not leave as the chosen Hunter then rejoin simply because you do not want to be the first Hunter)

    - PvP logging (You may not PvP log or intentionally commit suicide to prevent other players from getting the kill)
    - Purposely giving away kills, achievements, xp, and others (It is illegal to intentionally lose to assist others in getting achievements, records, experience, and tokens. This is also considered team sabotaging)

    In addition to these rules, please refer to our community guidelines: (Don't be afraid to ask any staff members to clarify any portions of the rules!)


    /limits is making a return!

    This time, it is no longer based on the full break or full build system. Instead of listing exceptions, it opens a helpful menu that lists break limits, place limits, and explosion limits.
    If there are no block types listed for a specific limit, such as the explosion limits on the top right screenshot, the menu title will be "Nothing can explode" instead of "Explosion Limits," like it's shown in the bottom row.
    It will also give you additional information if you hover over the block. The example shown in the picture states "All blocks of this type" for white wool, meaning that all wool blocks can be blown up.

    Since this command is mainly for the Zombie game mode, other game modes will only show explosion limits, as that is an option for all game modes. For TNT, the explosive limits will show which blocks can be destroyed with any type of explosive, be that TNT, Mines, C4 or Grenades.


    /settings is a new command introduced in this update.

    Players are now able to customize armor/particle color, XP formatting, CTF/kits offhand preferences, toggles for core messages, titles, announcements and whether to show distance ran in infection. With armor and particle colors, make sure to purchase them in /cosmetics first.


    Team Deathmatch is a new game mode that's based off the current FFA.

    Instead of fending for yourself, you share lives with players on your team. Lives are given based on the team's average KDR. Kills, experience, and kits distribution works the same way as it does in FFA. TDM will only appear with higher player counts and will replace the FFA version of a TDM map, if applicable.


    If you see this, thank Arelic for her amazing artwork!
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    Can I take a moment to say how I appreciate the artwork... that is all
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    This is the best news I've heard since months
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    One of the reasons Arelic was my first choice for the Advertising team, 10/10 art like how in the world is it even possible.
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    The update will be released in 15 minutes, along with an improved lobby and tutorial! Be sure to use Minecraft 1.12 if you aren't using it already. Since the announcement post, there have been some additional changes:
    - Change your achievement title preferences in /settings
    - New information listed in /mapinfo
    - You may now talk during map voting. Please refrain from spamming or vote influencing.
    - /a has been improved.​

    Other than that, the Map Submission Format and AoD Guide have been updated accordingly.


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    I enjoyed the new Paintball gamemode, 'twas fun.
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