Aotearoa's Village Application

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Jan 21, 2012
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Village name: Aotearoa

Village theme: A large treehut/hanging village in the jungle/Pre-colonised New Zealand

Introduction of your village:
The land of Elysium was caught up in a violent period. The War of Elysium had seen powers rise and fall, alliances made and destroyed, friends protected and betrayed. It was a particularly hard time for pacifists, as those who refused to fight were being slaughtered innocently everyday. It was getting more and more dangerous in the Nether Network, to the point where pacifists refused to enter the transportation hub for fear of losing their lives and material accomplishments to vicious townspeople and roadblocks set up by both sides of the war.
Around the time when the war was at its most brutal, Theodorre, a pacifist, and Tommyleej, a semi-pacifist, fled their homes in the dead of night, through the empty Nether Network and into Castra. From there, they were able to escape into the PvP zone of Elysium, an area almost completely untouched and far from where the war could reach. After finding a jungle temple full of treasures, they decided to stay in the beautiful jungle and to create a peaceful settlement high in the jungle treetops.

Thus, Aotearoa was founded.

The approximate coordinates of the villagecenter: X: -259, Y:100, Z: 2357 (It is located in the PvP zone)

Members(included yourself and leaders):

-Tommyleej - Head Builder, Head of Architectural Design (Leader) (Trusted, Citizen)
-Theodorre - Head of Intersettlement Relations, Politics, General Management (Leader) (Aristocrat, Citizen)
-Shanebat1 - Head of Defence (Settler)
-Summer10 - Head of Landscaping (Settler)
-Lovedaice - Head of Resource Gathering (Nomad)
-Omgitsathong - (ROLE NOT DECIDED) (Nomad)
- LionGirl - (ROLE NOT YET DECIDED) (Nomad)
Prefered tag: [Aotea]

Screenshot of the village: The bungalows, Spawn house and Fountain, Aotearoa from a distance , The Agriculture district and the Town Hall (Which was a Jungle Temple that we renovated)

Why should your village be official:
Aotearoa is unique, in the sense that it is built around the environment. We tried to use as many “natural” resources as possible, in order to fit in with the landscape of the jungle biome. We are also happy with our design - “Treetop Town”. Secondly, we’re proud to offer our residents safety - despite being within the PvP zone - with every bungalow fitted with a panicroom, featuring an iron door with the switch on the inside. Standard safety protocol is immediate evacuation to each resident’s panicroom in the event of a hostile invasion or raid. Thirdly (and finally), we’re very happy with our political standpoint. Aotearoa is strictly neutral (alliances, however, are encouraged) in all wars and conflicts. Aotearoa uses a unique governing system called “Assisted Democracy”. In Assisted Democracy, every resident gets a vote when deciding anything in relation to the settlement (excluding anything relating to election of leaders). The leaders get two votes. If, for any reason, a disagreement arises between the leaders, the residents may vote in order to end the disagreement.
We hope you consider this application ;D

Thank you
-Tommyleej and Theodorre


Aug 7, 2011
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You know this was my original idea for Crucia, but then one of my members pointed out that a treetop village is hard to achieve with spruce trees :c. Way to ruin the fun.

Oh yeah and +1
We were going to do this with Sancti.

I must say I am very proud of you folks for trying something different. Sancti has also set up a settlement in the PvP zone, but we haven't had growth quite like Aotearoa! I've visited the city, and you have quite the pedigree in terms of members. Also the idea of pacifists building in the PvP zone is to me both funny as well as thought-provoking. From your theme to your activity to the concept itself, I really do enjoy this settlement, and would love to see it as a village. +1


The Drunk
Nov 21, 2011
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You may or may be killed alot now that people know where you live, but meh.

Anyways, I like the way the village is built, and thats saying something, as I usualy dont like jungle planks. Good theme, and the first settlement in PvP to apply for official!

If I have to be a bi tpicky, you could att a bit more details to the builds, but, its not that importnat, so


May 16, 2012
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I will kill you all.

On another note, I love how the towns! Very creative, as you rarely see towns made within a jungle biome. You've expanded quite nicely, are active and I would love to see you as village. +1
"I will kill you all."

Beautiful words, Jinks.Anywho,I love how original and growing this settlement is. The houses are well built and the divisions are well organized. I don't see why not, so 1+ :)

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The Local Cow
Sep 23, 2011
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A very creative, risky and nice village. The members are very nice and the fact yous who don't like fighting moved into the PvP zone to make a village is very... interesting. I like this village as a whole so it's an obvious +1 from me c:
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