[Accepted] OverheatedLaptop's Moderator application

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Dec 10, 2012
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In-game Username: OverheatedLaptop (Previously std1997)

Staff References (not required): None

Prior Blocktopia/EscRestart Staffing Experience: RoF Moderator

How would you describe the responsibilities and obligations of a moderator: To moderate how other players act in general. Make sure nobody is trying to start a flame war with another player over a fight, make sure nobody is conducting any illegal raids. It's mainly I believe just making sure the server is running as peacefully and smoothly as possible and being willing to give help or assistance to any who ask.

Assume there are more applicants, for what reason would we choose you over them: I think my experience as a RoF moderator and having seen how staff have worked in the past on previous SMPs has given me a bit of an insight on what the daily life of a Moderator is on an SMP so I'd think this would me give a bit of a step up in what to expect from a staffing position.

How would you deal with a situation you have no experience with: I'm sure once the SMP opens that we will have a great staff team that would be more than willing to help in any occasion that I felt unprepared for.

How would you deal with another staff member abusing their powers: I would attempt to talk to them about it first but if communication seems to be impossible or a waste of time then I would contact higher staff to take over the situation.

What do you consider your greatest weakness: Immaturity. I've always struggled with my maturity in the past and it has shown to be something that always be a great weakness of mine. I've struggled mainly in knowing when to stop and take a situation seriously or to make a joke of it and it's been a bit of an issue in the past but I feel I've gotten better with it over the time I've staffed.

Anything else you would like tell us about yourself: Would just like to say that I'm very excited and hopeful about getting a chance to be able to staff an SMP.

Thank you for reading and hope to see you all on Kami's Realm,


Oak Milk

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Sep 9, 2012
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Hello OverheatedLaptop, after looking over your application we have decided to accept you as a moderator on Kami's Realm as we feel that you would fit in well with the team of staff we have been building.
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