[Accepted] Naoh's Moderator application

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Scott Pilgrim
Dec 7, 2013
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In-game Username: Naoh

Staff References (not required):

Prior Blocktopia/EscRestart Staffing Experience: Blocktopia Army of Darkness Operator

How would you describe the responsibilities and obligations of a moderator: The obligations of a Moderator are clear and simple. Make sure the players feel welcome, uphold and enforce the rules, and keep the server lighthearted and enjoyable. Making players feel welcome is very important, in order to keep them coming back. Upholding and enforcing rules means keeping players informed about the server rules, correcting them when they're broken, and, if necessary, punishing players in order to maintain order. Keeping the server lighthearted is also very important. This requires keeping a friendly attitude toward all players, but being serious when necessary.

Assume there are more applicants, for what reason would we choose you over them:
I don't have a good reason for you to pick me above other applicants. I've never staffed on an SMP before, so I have no experience there. I am however certain that I can learn and adapt. I also have minor experience with PvP, due to staffing on Army of Darkness.

How would you deal with a situation you have no experience with: I would first check to see if a more experienced staff member was online, either on the servers or on Steam, and ask them what they would do, or how they do it. If, in the unlikely situation no other staff member was available to help me, I would have to follow my gut instinct and do what I think is right. If my instinct leads me in the wrong direction, I am fully capable of learning the right way to do it, so I can do it better next time.

How would you deal with another staff member abusing their powers: If I caught another staff member abusing their power, I would talk to them privately first. I'd ask them to cease the abuse, and act like a mature member of the staff team. In honesty, I think I would not report a follow member of the staff for abuse the first time, unless the situation called for it, or they refused to stop. If really refused to stop, I'd report them to a higher member of the staff, and let them decide what will happen.

What do you consider your greatest weakness: I have several weaknesses, but I think the foremost is still immaturity. I oftentimes let my grip on maturity slip when I'm around closer friends, and I think this is a problem. I am working to fix this however, and am confident that I can be more mature. I also have a difficulty understanding more complicated parts of the server, and am very prone to spelling and grammar issues.

Anything else you would like tell us about yourself: I'm Noah. I'm nerdy and shy, I like video games, anime, manga, friends, rainbows, happy stuff. I'm excited to be given this opportunity to staff again, and help make another server as fun and safe as possible. I'm sorry I don't have anything more I can add to this application, I'm not the best with putting my thoughts into words.

Thank you for taking the time to read this pitiful attempt at an application, and have a glorious day.


(( EDIT: Sorry for the original post, I ended up editing in the other sentences that somehow didn't carry over when I posted. ))
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Oak Milk

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Sep 9, 2012
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Hello Noah, after discussing your app we've decided to accept you as a moderator on Kami's Realm, despite having no previous staffing experience with SMP we feel that with a bit of help from us you will make a great addition to the team. Thus you will be accepted on a trial basis, congrats!
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