1. Hex

    SimpleSMP Content Update #2 - Shops, Fishing, Sorting, & More!

    SimpleSMP's Second Content Update! Hello again! There is another update coming to SimpleSMP, and I'm excited to tell you all about it! With this new update comes some more things to spend your money on, new player shops areas, some more balancing and bug fixes, and more! Please note that some of...
  2. KNBrisson

    Mob Theory Contest - [CLOSED!]

    So, I got very, very particularly bored. Working on dungeons is fun and all, but sometimes, I can't make all the ideas. There's definitely, not ever going to be enough ideas to satisfy all of you hungry players, is there? My only solution is CLEARLY to hold some sort of contest... a contest...
  3. Matty

    SMP Status Update 1

    Hello, welcome to our first Bi-Weekly SMP status update, Every other week after the meeting we will be giving you a bit of information regarding the status of SMP, this will include a bit of lore, some progress screenshots, and just general updates on our progress SMP Status Update 1...
  4. Hockeyfan1852

    [Gaia] ❄ Hockeyfan1852's Leader Application ❄ - ACCEPTED!

    What family are you applying for? Gaia Why do you want to be a family leader? I would like to be a family leader because I have lead several clans leading up to this smp. Another reason is that I excel at defense which is key to protect our family from raids. What will you do to lead your...
  5. Sam_Winchester

    [SMP-Suggestion] Temporary Vanilla SMP while Legacies of Primordia gets set up.

    I'm going to keep this as short as possible. Some of us players have discussed that it would be nice to have something temporary to appease us while the actual new survival server gets done. Just a simple vanilla, maybe with some property locks and factions. That's all. Small spawn to...
  6. Hunter

    Non-aggressor agreement

    Post/vote here if you won't attack people unprovoked in the current SMP also if you do get attacked without warning or justifiable cause, perhaps say who did it