1. Hex

    SimpleSMP Content Update #2 - Shops, Fishing, Sorting, & More!

    SimpleSMP's Second Content Update! Hello again! There is another update coming to SimpleSMP, and I'm excited to tell you all about it! With this new update comes some more things to spend your money on, new player shops areas, some more balancing and bug fixes, and more! Please note that some of...
  2. Kustodian

    Memory in java apps

    Hi. I install linux and have a problem. In windows I allocate memory to minecraft(and other java apps like garris mod) with -xmx and -xms arguments, I was found this method on topminecraftskins, but I cant understand, how to do this in linux?! this arguments doesn't work! Can you help me with it?
  3. FreakyCupcake

    Finished Hunger Games!

    Welcome Tributes! Join us at 9PM GMT for a night of fighting and fun! Find us at the Minecraft Lobby at the AoD sign! You will be launched onto a mysterious island shrouded with secrets, punishing traps and a variety of loot that could turn the tide of battle in your favour. Fight to the...
  4. FreakyCupcake

    Event Create Competition: Spirit of Summer - Winners!

    First off, we'd like to thank everyone who participated in the Summer Competition. With 20 submissions, the turnout was far greater than we had anticipated! It's been awesome seeing all of the unique and interesting submissions over the past month. Now, onto the results! « Results »...
  5. FreakyCupcake

    Finished Hunger Games

    Welcome Tributes! Congratulations to our winners, MintyRogi, Rikumaru and Computerguy_! We will be hosting a Hunger Games event on Saturday 15th July at 8PM BST. Convert to your timezone here! You will be launched onto a mysterious island shrouded with secrets, punishing traps and a...
  6. FreakyCupcake

    [Information] Current Create Staff

    Below is a list of current Create Staff (as of 19th October 2017) and a brief description of their role on the server. • [Admins] have absolute control and the final say in matters concerning the server. They configure and direct the server in addition to deciding who gets promoted...
  7. FreakyCupcake

    [Information] Create Server Rules

    Rules contained within this thread are in effect beginning 4th July 2017 and apply to Create. In addition to these rules, you must follow the EscapeRestart Community Guidelines found here. Any modification or revision to our rules will be listed below. 1. Respect all staff members. (a)...
  8. FreakyCupcake

    [Guide] Topians, Mystery Boxes & Cosmetics!

    ⋅ A massive thank-you to the amazing Zelz for designing this lovely banner! ⋅ ◊ Table of Contents ◊ Plots Mystery Boxes & Cosmetic Items Opening Mystery Boxes Complete List of Cosmetics Earning Topians ◊ Plots! ◊ We've listened to feedback from players who would like access to more...
  9. jocabb1324

    BungeeCord 1.8.x,1.9.x issues?

    i can't log into the server, and i suspect it's because of BungeeCord (whatever that is, never heard of it till now). instead of showing online players it says as in thread name... what is this?