Ban Appeal Format


  • What is your username? -
  • What server did you get banned on? -
  • When did you get banned? (Date and/or time if you know) -
  • Do you share an account with anyone? -
  • Who was the staff member that banned you (if you know or remember)? -
  • Do you know why were you banned? -
  • If you know the reason for the ban, do you think that the ban was fair? -
  • Why should we unban you? -
  • Copy and Paste the Format and POST A NEW THREAD by clicking this link: Appeal Your Ban Here
  • Use the format! Ban appeals that don't provide the information in the format will automatically be closed - you don't want that!
  • Check your appeal often! If no response is given in a week (maybe?) then it will be closed and you'll have to reapply again.
  • Make sure you read and respond to all the questions! The questions being asked are to help us come to a decision; what we're asking for is relevant and important.
  • Be courteous and respectful during your appeal! We promise to provide you with respect so we expect the same. Also, it doesn't help if you start your appeal using vulgar words you wouldn't even say to your momma.
  • Select the proper prefix next to the thread title that corresponds to the server you were banned on.

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