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The world as it exists today is but a fragment of what once was.​
Time and time again we have seen this land be shaped by hands unseen. Forged as one, then shattered, then forged again. An everlasting cycle of life and death; of order and chaos; of rises and falls. No being who has lived through these ages of strife remain, and only the threads of their fate lie forgotten in the hidden places of the world: tales of a land called Elysium; of an age wrought by Discord; of primordial beings and their servants who once walked this plane.
Their fates have all but vanished from our world...​

And yet, as we all know, there has always been a single constant that has stood the test of time:

the Matron of Life, the All-Mother, the Beginning of All Things,
We live in the Age of Gods.​

Though I have not been a witness to them, nor my ancestors before me, we know that we still yet live in their shadow. We know the gods once walked this earth. In every corner you can hear voices cry out to them, singing their praises, worshipping at their temples. Their language has shaped ours, and our flesh has been crafted in their image: their children. No. Her children. For it was Anatheia, our creator, who has nurtured our world with her touch since time immemorial.

But creation cannot exist alone; others will spring forth from the spring of life hoping to shape the land in their own image. And so, from Anatheia was borne the gods: titanic beings who once walked among their creations. Though those who were borne from Anatheia may have been more powerful, or more passionate, or more cunning than she who came before...

She was still the beginning. And the beginning of all things must be respected. And thus the Council of Divine Beings was formed. An assembly of Gods and Goddesses who, along with their descendants, placed their loyalty in the hands of Anatheia as divine ruler. Under her guidance, it is said the world...

RoF Lavaversary & LMS 2018

We’re rapidly approaching October, which means that once again, RoF celebrates its lavaversary. We have now been operating continuously for 6 years, and that is down to your support and passion for the community. Whilst we have suffered some large staffing setbacks over the past year, we still want to try and deliver to you a memorable event to celebrate the server, and thank you for staying with us for so long. Now, though, let’s celebrate!

05/10/18 - Last Man Standing

On the day of the Lavaversary itself this year, we bring you our annual Last Man Standing event. Fight waves of custom mobs in our new arena, as people around you drop dead, until you are the last one left. As usual, there is a level playing field, so no matter your ontime or experience, everyone has the same equipment, and so everyone has a chance of equipment. This year, the event will take place on Friday 5th October at 9pm UTC (5pm ET, 2pm PT), with no registration required, so mark your calendars! Robo will be hosting the event, as I will be unable to attend, but I will most likely still be around on Discord to help.

1st place:
2000 cookies
50 tokens
Custom title, login/logout message and nickname of your choosing
Custom unbreakable diamond item
Place in the RoF Hall of Fame

2nd place:
1250 cookies
25 tokens
Custom title and login/logout message of your choosing
Custom unbreakable iron item

3rd place:
750 cookies
10 tokens
Custom title of your choosing
Custom unbreakable gold item

Event time and prizes are subject to change

New features

Last Man Standing fell on the Lavaversary date this year, but we felt it would be wrong to just give you that. Therefore, we...
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Hello lovely community!

Resident money guy here. As is tradition, I’m just dropping in to update everyone on our finances situation. Currently, we’re spending €44 a month (about $53, for my fellow ‘muricans) to keep our dedicated server up and running. Our forum hosting - for the time being - is covered at no additional monthly cost.

You may notice that our monthly expenses are more than $20 more than the goal on our donation bar. This is because we also depend on monthly support from our patrons on Patreon (who also get some patron-only rewards, and first dibs on any future rewards* that we may create).

We’re luckily to have had significant donations in the past that have kept us in the black for a number of months. However, we have hit difficult times throughout 2018 that has left us burning through our reserves. We haven’t received a forum donation since June. April was the last month that we gained money into our reserves. At our current rate, we have enough money left for two more months. Then we’re dry. ...

It's coming.​
Credits to Arelic for the graphic as always

Hello again!​

The SMP team is looking for a Quest Master to join our team. We have established the baseline lore for the server, and now we need somebody to help us with making intricate and fun quest lines! The plugin that we will use is a custom plugin (made by Nottycat) that fits what we want for our quests. General Minecraft coding knowledge would be helpful but not required; all you really need to do is write out the quest lines and also write what each quests rewards and requirements are. You’ll also have to write the NPC dialogue for quests.

If you want to write just a few quests for the server, and are not interested in having the main responsibility, that is fine! You could choose just one location if that interests you, expand the lore on that, and write the NPCs and quests as you wish. We want—and need—all the help we can with Quests, NPCs and Lore, in that order.

If this sounds like something you could be interested in, please contact Danni122112 on either Discord or on the forums, or Jolt if you do not like Danni. We look forward to having you join us!

SMP Team

Despite the success of GMod right now with their Deathrun, Minecraft's Deathrun hasn't quite been working. Under my lacklustre management, we've lacked activity and direction. Due to low staff levels caused by the huge amount of effort going into SMP, we've been unable to gather a large enough team to effectively collaborate, with meetings trying to be attended by three people, two on opposite sides of the world, which just isn't sustainable.

We've also had to ask ourselves if Deathrun is really what you want, or whether it was a dubious decision made under immense pressure, purely for the sake of change. Was it really what would attract people, or was it what someone thought would attract people? We had some admin talks a while back on the state of the community where we also decided on Deception, and the primary reason Deathrun was created was that I and the RoF team felt we had to save lava survival, arguably the community's primary USP, from an, in my opinion, idiotic death. Servers should be developed out of care, not necessity.

For these reasons, we're deciding to cease development of Deathrun, and focus development back onto Rituals of Fire. We believe we can offer more by improving what we have rather than restarting from nothing. We're here to create a unique server, not a Hypixel clone. We believe we can create something that people want to join. Rituals of Fire attracts the majority of new users, but just doesn't quite retain - is it due to people online, perhaps? Something else? We can look at that and develop it, which we've talked about for a while, and were getting on our way to doing so. Finally, we can create a server that we all believe in with momentum behind us, and if we all care about what we create, we're going to create something a hell of a lot better.

Throughout this, there has been one user who has offered to maintain development when I thought we couldn't go on, and created a list of improvements for RoF that...
Community News 297 - 28th July 2018



tnm has resigned from Community Admin! Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication over the years!

Freaky has been promoted to Community Admin, Hex will assume ASSHAT responsibilities in tnm's absense.

Community Events

Pixelmon is out! Thanks to Notty and Ooglie (with the help of Arelic and a few admins) for setting up such a great server! More information on Pixelmon and how to join can be found here;

If you have some money spare, we would really appreciate a donation! We also have a Patreon page where you can donate however much you want monthly, and gain a Discord donor rank if it's over $5/m: check it out here!

Minecraft Account Link
Register your forum account and get a [Member] rank in the Lobby. More rewards coming soon for forum registration and donors!

• Please post any feedback/suggestions or emoji...
Pull back your ponytas

Pictured (Left to right): Magikarp, Eevee, Vaporeon, Mudkip, Notty, 2 Miltanks, Mega-Altaria and Mega-Scizor.

Pixelmon is back! Will you catch them all?
A while back Pixelmon was discontinued but that did not stop several other modders to continue it and now we have Pixelmon Reforged! A lot of people seemed to enjoy the latest pixelmon event, myself included, so now EscapeRestart is hosting another official pixelmon server! Made by me and Ooglie101 with help of Arelic and a few admins.

- Actual working auto-generated gyms
- 6 generations worth of pokemon
- Mega evolutions
- No hunger problems
- Some quality of life side mods that are server-side only and you won't have to install.
- A spawn town so beautiful Arceus might have made it
- Hopefully you!

The server should be ready for release this friday, however because 3 days is a short notice we have put a poll™ at the top to ask if you would rather have the release of pixelmon saturday or next weekend. Most popular vote wins unless people vote for never then second most popular wins.
This friday July 27th 8PM GMT has been chosen for release date and time!


Here's some more information (including installation) incase you have any questions. Feel free to ask more though.
What versions?
Minecraft: 1.12.2
Forge: 1.12.2 -
Pixelmon Reforged: 1.12.2-6.3.2
Pixelmon Reforged: 1.12.2-6.3.4

How do I install pixelmon reforged?
There is a page for that on the wiki:

The one downside of pixelmon having been taken over by another mod team is that they use some download website that is blocked by my adblocker and because of that I couldn't download the pixelmon jar myself. If this happens to you,...
(thanks to Arelic for putting the Deathrun text on my crappy image)

Hey guys,

Exciting news: we're going to be opening a second Garry's Mod server - Deathrun!

Deathrun is a gamemode where there are two teams, the Runners and the Deaths. The Runners have to complete an obstacle course of some sort with lots of different types of challenges along the way, while the Deaths press buttons to timely activate traps on the Runners to try to kill them off before they get to the end. If you get to the finish, you get to choose a minigame to play with the Deaths to try to kill them and win the round. There are loads of different maps with different courses, traps and minigames to play, and I'll be updating the server regularly.

It's a lot of fun and it can be a really chilled out gamemode that we can hopefully have a really nice time with. I used to spend many days playing this, and many evenings winding down with a few maps and some music before bed. I've had a lot of fun on Deathrun in the past, and I hope we can have some good fun with this server.

In terms of features, we have autoclaim (so once you stand in front of a button, other Deaths can't steal it from you), autohop (means you can hold down space to keep jumping automatically, this can be disabled in your settings), customaziable GUI/HUD and cross-hairs, optional third-person mode, and pointshop.

We'll also have the !jukebox, a bunch of playermodels (more than TTT) and maps, and that's all there really is to it, so expect the download to be fairly short and sweet because it'll just be playermodels.


We're going to be treating this server as a new permanent server in our lineup alongside TTT. If/when it gets to a point where it's far more dead than alive and people are no longer having fun with it though, we'll...