SMP Main Quest Part I: The Hunt Before


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Aug 11, 2011
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After joining the Elysia Guild for work, you're quickly pulled into an illegal heist job; where what you steal is far more than what you bargained for. Setting off on a hunt for the remaining pieces of an ancient artefact, you travel the world, meeting colourful characters, fighting deadly foes, and uncover curious mysteries.

You're the hero in this ever-twisting story, whether you choose to act like it or not.
(Quests written by Inffy)


Welcome to the first part of SMP's main quest!

The first quest you will receive is called "Before You Start Quests." It is required and teaches you the basics of quests, with some information that I will repeat in this thread. If you ever forget anything, you can talk to the NPC again or refer to this thread.

First, I'd like to begin with the Quest book. Type /q b to receive it. It is Soulbound, like many quest items, and will stay with you after your death. Repeating the command will remove it from your inventory.

Opening the book will give you a list of clickable menus. One of which shows your available quests, as shown in the image above. Hovering over the quest will remind you what you have to do if you ever get lost.

During your quests, you'll have to right click to talk to the NPCs. This will prompt a menu in your chat like the one below. You can type /leave m to leave main chat if it gets too hectic, and /ch m to rejoin it.

There are generally two types of dialogue. One where the player has to pick an option and another where the NPC keeps talking. Questmaster shows you how the chat works when you begin "Before You Start Quests."

When you finish talking to Questmaster, you may begin the storyline. The chat notifies you that you've finished your current quest and the Quest book will be updated with your next one. Completing each quest gives the player XP and emeralds.

This is the beginning.

Good luck, hero.​